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Panel Options

We have different types of panes for different types of usage. Please contact us should you like any other information or help with the type of panels you'll need.

Grid style panels:

These are our clear backed option and they are the newer and easier panels to work with. These panels have built in clips on all four side's of the panel and clip very easily to each other. You can either just press the clips in together with your fingers, or use a pair of pliers to help clip them in.


If you have a large wall to put together, or not much strength in your hands, then pliers may become your best friend for this task.

Taking the panels down is very easy too and extremely quick compared to the older style panels which are tied together with cables ties.

The panels are very durable and the best way to take them apart is to just press the clips backwards and pull them away from each other.

The clear panels are very lightweight and a typical 7ft x 7ft wall weighs in at approximately 4kg! These panels are 30cm x 30cm.

The mermaid and hexagon sequin panels are slightly larger due to the shape of the sequins and are 30cm x 32cm.

Wall only panels:

We suggest these panels are used on fixed permanent walls only as they only have two holes at the top and two holes at the bottom.

There is no way to connect these tiles side by side, so if you're wanting to create a wall for an event, or to be hung as a backdrop, these will not sit flush and result in the wall looking unstable and unprofessional. 

These panels are also made from a black rubber material, so a little heavier than the grid style panels.

We have installed these ourselves at restaurants and bars, as they're attached with industrial adhesive and screws, so it prevents people just pulling them off the wall. 

These panels are 30cm x 30cm.

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