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Personalised Sequin Wall Panels

So excited to now be able to print absolutely anything for our clients onto sequins. 

-Have a logo you want printing for your shop? No problem!
-Want the name of your shop or bar printed onto sequins for indoor or outdoor use? No problem!
-Want a welcome sign for your wedding or special occasion ? No problem! 
-Want a personalised name written onto sequins to add to your existing sequin wall? No problem!

I could go on for days, the possibilities are endless. 

We print your image or design directly onto sequin sheets. We then take each individual sequin off and attach it to a panel, then each panel is attached to another panel to create your own bespoke wall. 

These panels are 30cm x 30cm and are £19.99 each. Logo walls start at a minimum size of 60cm x 60cm. 

Name panels or event scripts, such as Happy Birthday or Congratulations…etc, start at a minimum size of 60cm x 60cm. 

Get in contact now to discuss your bespoke logo, name, or photo. We can make any size too! 


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